Why do you offer free courses?

Our courses are still under development. We offer the courses for free, in exchange for any feedback you might have.

How does the space repetition software work?

Our space repetition software is currently under development. It is to be based on the SuperMemo-2 (SM-2) algorithm. This algorithm has been proven to be very effective in several studies and is used in some of the most recognized memorization applications, such as Anki. Rather than developing a not-as-good software, as many others have, we choose to rely on this well developed and scientifically proven algorithm.

Where are you based?

We are based in the Malmö-Lund area in southern Sweden.

Are you developing more courses?

Yes! We are developing courses as fast as we can. At present, we only develop Swedish courses but in the long term we expect to develop courses in other subjects as well. Want to be a part of development? Let us know!

Why am I not asked if I accept cookies upon entering your site?

We only use cookies that are strictly necessary for the site to function properly and are thus not required to ask for permission. We believe that cookies should not be used to track people and we do therefore not deal with any third party cookies.

What if I recognize a picture of mine?

All graphic illustrations that we use, that we have not made ourselves, are listed by Creative Commons as belonging to the public domain. We would like to officially thank all artists putting their work in the public domain. Nevertheless, if you recognize yourself in a picture or recognize an illustration of yours, we will replace the illustration at your request. We value your right to privacy.

Do you use any outside sources for your website?

Yes! We'd like to thank thank everybody who leave their work freely for others to use, whether it be code, images or information. Thanks to svgbackgrounds.com, contributors on stack overflow and other individual contributors.