Swedish A1.1 - Words and expressions

The studying of words and expressins is an important and integrated part of our courses. This tool is adjusted to your progress in lectures and exercises, thus allowing you to practice the words that are relevant to the lessons you are taking at the moment. Old words are also repeated at calculated intervals to allow for optimized learning.

When starting the word memorization below you will be presented with a word. You then need to recall the translation for the word, after which you can reveal the correct answer. This can be done either by presseing the button "Show answer" or by pressing any key on the keyboard. Then you have to rate how well you remember the translation, which affects the time until the next time you will be presented with the word. This can be done by pressing the buttons at the bottom of the screen or by pressing the following keys:

Sound can be reproduced by pressing the key "r". This memorization tool is based on the superMemo-2 algorithm. For more information, see FAQ.
Good luck!

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