Swedish A1

At Viking University we believe in the education of tomorrow. We believe in combining the best features of traditional education with new memorization techniques on a flexible online platform that adapts to your needs. We offer teacher interaction, feedback and other resources to help you learn, understand and use the Swedish language. In this course you will practice pronunciation, grammar, conversation, writing and much more.

People say about this course

Much better than the course I took at university!

- Anonymous, 2021

This teaching technique is the next big thing!

- Anonymous, 2021

Teachers are very helpful and professional.

- Anonymous, 2021

Course details

200h course

10 handins with feedback

Ask unlimited questions

153 lectures

3500+ exercises

1500+ words

This course contains 200 lessons which each take about one hour to complete. A typical lesson consists of a 20 minutes lecture, 20 minutes of exercises and 20 minutes of word memorization. At regular intervals there will be hand-ins, exercise reviews and other kinds of lessons. During the course you will learn approximately 1500 Swedish words through the research-based memorizing tool, which is integrated with the course. After finishing each lesson, some of the new words which you have encountered during the lesson will be added to your list of words to learn. You can practice these under "Review words".

A detailed outlay of the course can be found under "Progress overview" where the theme of each lesson is displayed. This course offers flexibility by allowing you to adjust the number of lessons you complete per day. It also adapts to your progress and to difficulties you may have. Note that, in order to achieve the best results possible, it is necessary to re-pass the words daily, even during weekends. New words will however only be added after finishing a new lesson.

Course name:

Swedish A1



Expected prior knowledge:

English, B2 level


Corresponds to 200 hours of work, the equivalent of 7,5 ECTS

Suitable studying tempo:

1 or 2 hours per day are recommended

External resources:

The course is self-contained so you will not need any extra course material. You are however advised to make use of what you learn, for example in conversation with friends.